Life’s Not A Chore, Mom’s

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Mom’s have a lot to do. It’s a scientific fact of life. Well, maybe not scientific but it is a fact. Whether you’re a mom that stays at home with the children, or one that balances work alongside housework, you’ve got a lot to do. Because of this, there is a lot of stigma surrounding which one is harder: a working mom, or a stay at home mom. The honest answer to this question is neither. Neither of these ‘titles’ is hard than the other.

A mother who stays at home has the housework to do as well as entertaining a baby/toddler/child delete as appropriate. They have errands to run, shopping to do, outdoor work to do. Most mothers who stay at home are rushed off their feet with school pick-ups, after school clubs and being a referee in toddler tantrums. The mother who works away from the home must go out to earn money while battling the guilt of not being at home with her babies. It’s exhausting; being a mother. You’re a person but the ‘you’ that you are comes last after ‘mom’, ‘wife’, ‘housekeeper’ and juggling all those labels is not easy. You still need time for you and to do things you love, but the unfortunate thing is that a day only has 24 hours within it. Sometimes, mom’s need a little help.

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No one likes to admit it. Today, with the boom of social media and camera phones, we must project a life of holding things together and being a swan: beautiful and smooth. But the thing with swans, is that they paddle frantically under the surface of the water just to stay afloat. Much like mums do. Hiring in someone to help with the gardening is not going to make you less of a housewife. Having someone visit once a week from Domestic One isn’t going to label you as incapable of taking care of your home. Once you have a family, the plates start to spin and to keep them spinning, you occasionally need someone by your side to help. That’s not shameful, that’s good sense!

By allowing yourself some help, not only will you be able to catch up a little on other areas of life that may be lacking, you’ll be able to take some time just with the kids or for yourself and not have to think about the fact that there are skirting boards to clean or an oven to scrub. It also means that you can catch up on yourself and not feel so unbalanced. Life doesn’t have to feel like it’s full of routine or stuck in a rut if you are allowing yourself time. Time to be a human and not a donkey. Time to be a person and not Cinderella. Time with the kids to play and laugh and go on mini dates to see a movie.

It’s easy to lose yourself in being a mom, and that can come with many consequences in your marriage or relationship.  sometimes being a mom you can lose track of these things and in order to help your relationship, you could use some help.  Here are some helpful tools to guide you toward the right path.

Life is not a chore, moms. But give yourself credit where credit is due and let yourself be happy.

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