What to look for as a new homebuyer

Buying a home can be a lengthy process for some and depending on what you’re looking for it can take longer than anticipated. This can range from anything to price, neighborhoods, and schools. These are some important factors to consider in the buying process, especially if you have children. As a mom of three small children, schools and neighborhood are very important to me. However, in Southern California it can be more difficult to find the home of your dreams. Luckily there are so many up and coming neighborhoods to help make the dream a reality in this process.

Here are some things to consider when buying a home and to ensure that it’s the best move for you and your family.

This is a big one. Buying a home is a huge commitment, 30 years to be exact. In Southern California the houses can range any where from the mid to low 400s. This is a good rate, however that may not be in the area you are choosing. Every demographic area is different and prices will fluctuate accordingly.

If you have kids or haven’t planned out your family quite yet, schools is still very important. A portion of your taxes go into the local schools and districts. You can find out more by using a website called Great Schools. This site includes a grade of all public schools in your area, comments, test scores, and programs available. IT’s a great tool to use during the buying process.

Neighborhood and safety.
When buying a home always drive around the area during the day and at night to get an idea of what it will be like from both aspects. Check out the houses around you, and the main streets along with cross streets. Find local places around you like grocery stores and gas stations. Talk to people in the area If possible and go to the city website for additional information.

As you can see this is just a small list from my experience. If you are in the Southern California Area, Los Angeles County to be exact. There is a brand new community opening up! Meadow Park is perfect for starting a new family. You can find out more about floor plans, pricing and area in their website. It’s an amazing opportunity and beautiful community.

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