No Diet Or Exercise? No Problem!

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Everyone wants to lose a pound or two. The problem is that moms don’t have the time to exercise. When we say that, people like to scoff and respond that it isn’t true. But, every mother knows that there aren’t enough hours in the day. What with taking the kids to school, picking them up, and making dinner, the hours fly by. So, how is a committed mom supposed to shed weight without exercise? Easy, and it starts by taking a look at the following.


Here are the weight loss tips that don’t involve working out.


Fat Burners


The idea of popping a pill won’t appeal to a lot of moms, and there is a good reason. Usually, fat burning or diet pills are harmful to the body and do more harm than good. There are alternatives which work, however. is a site dedicated to the HCG diet which gets results. Because it’s a naturally occurring hormone, the drops seek to stimulate growth. The hormone suppresses your appetite and you consume fewer calories as a result. For those who aren’t sure, try the review guide to diet pills.


Eat More


Surely eating more isn’t a viable way to lose weight? Well, yes and no. In truth, the portions are smaller and so the amount you eat is less. But, regarding the three basic meals a day rule, that is out of the window. Instead, you stretch three meals into five or six. How this works is two-fold. Firstly, it cuts out snacking, which is one of the worst ways to put on weight. Secondly, it tricks your brain into thinking you’re eating more. Therefore, the stomach will feel fuller and there’s no need to overeat.


Drink Water


Not only is water an essential liquid, but it’s a bloater. Moms hate that word because it makes them feel fat and unsexy. But, that is a good thing! By drinking lots of H2O, the stomach expands and fills with water. When this happens, eating a three-course meal isn’t high on your list of priorities. An excellent tip is to drink about a liter before a meal. This reduces your hunger pains and prevents you from going overboard.


Leave The Car


A car is a mom’s pride and joy. With one, a mother can tick off everything on the to-do list and more. It’s one of the reasons supermoms exist in the first place. The thought of leaving it on the drive, then, is sacrilege. However, there is a method to the madness. By walking more, the body will burn more calories. Okay, it might be exercise, but it isn’t the kind which induces a heart attack. Plus, walking is a low-intensity form of exercise and targets fat instead of carbs.


Avoid Stress


Cortisol is the hormone which leads to stress. Simply put, you want as little in your body as possible. That way, the tension won’t build and you won’t feel the need to stress eat. In a busy house, it isn’t an easy goal to achieve, but there are options. Taking an hour for yourself, for instance, is an excellent way to switch off.


Getting lots of sleep also allows moms to refresh and helps them tackle the day.

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