Smart Homes Tailored for Mommies


All of us moms know that ways to save time around the home can be life-changing, since we’re so busy all the time! Using smarter products can not only save you time but can be a load of fun for the whole family! Here are some potential purchase ideas that can make home life more fun, safer, and even save you money!


This is a hardware device that’s a wireless home intercom system. That may sound fancy but really it just streams to another device. So if you set up a Nucleus in your kid’s room, you can check in on them and interact with them. If you set one up in your grandparents’ house, you can have dinner together over the screen. It’s a great option for families who want to spend more time together but maybe can’t due to time or travel constraints.

Lutron Serena Shades

Ever wanted to close the shades while lying in bed but didn’t want to get up? Now you can! This might seem trivial but it’s a fun and cool device for those who might have a little extra money to spend. There’s also a smartphone app that comes with the purchase, and it can even help you choose how much brightness you want let into the room. Now that’s convenience!

Fisher Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

Here’s one for moms with newborns! This is a baby sleeper that can rock itself so you don’t have to wear out your arms rocking your child for hours at night to stop them from crying. It’s wirelessly connected, so you can be in the other room, and choose sounds, rocking motions, and a host of other options to soothe your baby.

BeOn Starter Pack

This might be one of the more interesting devices out there for safety-conscious moms like myself. This devices pays attention to your lighting habits, and mirrors them when you’re out of the house. You might be thinking — why would this ever be necessary? The answer is that burglars wait until they see a home with all of the lights off to know they can break in and steal the goods. Of course this also increases your energy expenses and is bad for the environment, so it’s a decision that you as a mommy will have to weigh!

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