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I take being a blogger very seriously.  It’s not only a way for me to share my life with the world, but also a way to vent, and now thanks to DealSpotr a way to save people money as well.  As a mother of three kids I know how hard it can be to shop for them, and even on those rare occasions when we shop for ourselves.  Like the next person, I love to save money.  It’s something that makes me happy (and my husband even happier).  DealSpotr is the real deal!

So how does it work?

You start by joining and creating a profile. Once you create your profile you will become a DealSpotr influencer.  Continue on by adding pictures and a quick bio to your profile so others can see you.  It’s so simple and quick.  Once you have your profile you add a special badge that will link to your profile. You can post deals, you can spot up to five deals per day and once they are labeled as Hot or Fire you can earn points.

Earning points will allow you to redeem gift cards and other cool rewards.  I don’t know about you, but I love the sound of that.  You can also connect with other users and comment on deals.  Staying active is definitely key to be successful on this site, and ultimately to help as many people save as you can.

As a blogger to all of my fellow bloggers, I definitely recommend this tool to you.  Not only are you helping others, but you also have the ability to earn an income in the meantime.  Be sure to check them out and find the best deals for you and let’s save together!

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