A Toolbox Fit For A Queen



DIY seems like a man’s game, but it’s for ladies too. In fact, there is nothing more rewarding than fixing a leaky tap and saving the household a fortune. Or, you can go one step further and complete a renovation that will add value to the property. When it’s done properly, it’s an amazing process which is beneficial for everyone and everything property-related.


Still, you can’t start a task without having the right tools. And, that means assembling the ultimate toolbox. Sure, it’s possible to borrow equipment from friends and family in your time of need. Indeed, it’s inevitable in some cases. But, having your own toolbox is the dream because it’s always there when you need it the most.


So, how do you make a toolbox fit for Elizabeth herself? You can start by taking a look at the tips underneath.


The Box


Everyone wants to concentrate on what’s inside the box because the tools are a vital component of DIY. But, before you get to the equipment, you need to think about their home. The box is crucial because it keeps the tool dry and free of any rust. The last thing you need is rusty tools, which is why you need to choose the right material. A wooden box looks the part, but it’s harder to maintain. If there is any moisture, the water can get into the fabric and eat away at the material. Talking about eating, insects can also munch away at the wood if you plan on keeping it in a garden shed. Metal isn’t as attractive, but it’s more practical. Sure, it does rust, yet you can add a simple galvanizing solution to stop the process. That way, the tools will always be safe and secure and ready to use.




Another aspect of the toolbox is organization. There is a chance that you will accumulate a lot of tools over the coming years. When you do, there is no point in throwing them in the box and leaving them to their devices. The reason for this is that the toolbox will look like a mess, which is never nice. More importantly, it will stop you from DIYing. Anyone that has to clean up the box beforehand won’t have time to make any repairs. With that in mind, think about the layout. A good tip is to put similar items together so that you know where to look when you unclick the latch. So, that means screwdrivers and wrenches in one compartment and nails and bolts in another.




Do The Basics


Have you ever heard the phrase the best do the basics well? The moral is that if you stick to the simple things, your will maintain a high level of performance. If you think what has that got to do with DIY, you need to open your mind. There is no way to do the basics without having the basic equipment in your toolbox. Sure, you can improvise, but that is just a short-term solution. The long game is all about having the right tools for the job. Seen as DIY is house-related, the little things are very important. Screwdrivers are probably the most popular piece of apparatus for this very reason. What’s that, an appliance has busted a fuse? No problem because a screwdriver can take it apart and put it back together again. As well as drivers, you’ll need a wrench, a spirit level, and a tape measure to name but three. For more info, head to popularmechanics.com. They have a list that will ensure you don’t miss any of the basics.


Power Tools


Once you have the basics down, it’s time to move onto the big girl tools. Manual tools are fine, but they are slow. After all, they are basic. Power tools, on the other hand, are quick and effective. With a drill, you can take apart the entire house in a matter of hours. And, you can put it back together again. Power tools are an essential part of a lady’s toolbox, but choosing the right ones is never easy. Obviously, as a novice, there’s no need to choose the best options on the market. The odds are that they are too advanced, which means they’re a waste of money. Beginners should start off small and work their way up to the top. So, that small saw which looks puny next to its friend might not be so bad after all. Let’s face it – handling power tools is also a safety hazard. You need experience before you handle the big daddies, or mommies.


Have A Variety


There are two reasons why you need a variety of different tools. The first is that there are certain pieces of equipment that you can’t replicate. Everyone has heard of the Phillips’ head because it’s the only screwdriver which can tackle non-traditional screws. In fact, it’s the only tool that can deal with non-traditional tools. As a result, there are individual jobs that you can’t complete without this appliance. A bunch of screwdrivers might look the part, but they aren’t if they all do the same job. The second reason is reliability. Unfortunately, tools break, which means they aren’t always effective. If one breaks and you don’t have a replacement, you can’t complete the task. So, a spare allows you to cover your back if there are any unforeseen circumstances. There’s no need for five or six replacements because one will be just fine.


Do Your Research


All this talk about tools is cool, but it also asks as many questions as it answers. For example, how do you know what’s the best equipment for your toolbox? Okay, starting small is a great tip, but it’s only the beginning. In reality, you need to visit a site like ToolNerds.com for expert advice. One thing they do well is to provide reviews and recommendations on a plethora of tools. All you have to do is have a glance at the review and take it into consideration. There might be points which you could otherwise miss regarding tools and toolboxes. Or, you can ask a friend for help. Everyone has a DIY buddy that loves talking about renovating. So, instead of letting them bore you, you should take notes and ask questions. Even if they don’t have the same knowledge, they do have a lot of experience. And, you can be sure that their opinion isn’t biased because they will put your needs first. It doesn’t have to be a friend because anyone with knowledge of a trade can be a huge help.


Uno Mas Por Favor


A mistake that most DIY enthusiasts make is to concentrate on one toolbox. But, it should be plural instead of singular. Maintaining one toolbox is never easy because of the sheer volume of tools. What with the power tools, the manual tools, and the substitutes in case of an emergency, the box will start to overflow. That can cause problems, but they are easily solved with more boxes. It seems like hard work because assembling one is a nightmare. However, once you know all the tricks, the second and third are miles simpler. All you have to do is follow the same advice for the best results. Some people even have five or six toolboxes – it all depends on your needs.
One final thing: never forget about the box. It’s easy to do because you won’t need it unless you have a DIY-related emergency. But, the key to an ultimate toolbox is maintenance. Look after it, and it will take care of you.

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