A Trio of Health-Friendly Drinks To Introduce Your Kids To

It is only natural that as parents we want our children to have the healthiest lives possible. Part of that comes in the form of protecting them; the rest comes from the things we provide for them.


Modern science has shown us the damage that conventional ways of eating can cause. Most of us now have the knowledge to know what we shouldn’t give to our kids, but rarely do we focus quite so heavily on the things that we should. There are a variety of at-home ideas to try, all of which are best being suggested to your children early so they can gain a taste for them.


Like the idea of introducing good, positive and somewhat alternative concoctions in your child’s life – but in need of some inspiration? Never fear, I’ve got you covered…


  1. Matcha




Matcha is one of those things that has been tarred as being in the realm of hipsters when in reality we should all be making more of an effort to consume it. The health benefits of matcha are off the charts; it’s rich in antioxidants, improves memory and concentration and a multitude of other wonders.


When brewed correctly, it can be a pleasant drink as the likes of Joy of Matcha are more than aware. However, it can take a little getting used to – so it’s worth focusing on ensuring your kids get a good start.


One thing to keep in mind is that Matcha does contain caffeine, as it is a form of green tea. It may be best reserved for older children if you have a concern about caffeine (bear in mind how much caffeine is in soda!). Like all teas, matcha contains L-theanine which helps counterbalance the hyperactive energy we associate with caffeine – but still, use with caution.


  1. Fire Cider




If this sounds a little intimidating – well, that’s largely because it is. On the outside, the ingredients for this traditional winter drink sound somewhat alarming – the temptation to drink horseradish is not something most of us have ever felt. Running your eyes down a list of fire cider ingredients can feel like a flirtation with the ridiculous.


Fire cider is an old remedy, and that tends to be a good thing. People throughout the world have relied on it for hundreds of years for improved immunity and good health through winter. It’s, therefore, worth considering, and introducing children to it while young will give them a chance to adjust to the taste.


  1. Elderberry Syrup




In the above examples, I have focused on substances that it may take awhile for an adult to get used to. Start them young and all that.


The last item I want to draw attention to does not have a taste that will offend. In fact, when brewed correctly, elderberry syrup is a delicious winter spoonful of goodness that just happens to have a multitude of health benefits. What’s more, it’s incredibly sustainable, making use of a berry that most dismiss as useless.


Which one will you try to tempt your kids with?


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