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No More TV: Fun And Educational Things To Do With Your Kids Instead

It’s so easy for the kids to just spend the weekend in front of the TV. In fact, more kids than ever are doing this during weekends. But there are so many reasons why hours in front of the TV

Things I Would Tell My Twenty Year Old Self

When you hit your twenties, it seems like such a massive age. No longer a teenager. Then the years keep flying by and before you know it you are in your late twenties. You twenties seems like the decade where

Is It Time to Start a Family Business?

Whether you’re about to have children or you’re currently raising a child, there’s no doubt that you’ve thought about what you’ll leave behind for them to own once you retire. Perhaps you’ll leave them with the family home, maybe you

How music has changed the way my child Learns

My son was diagnosed with autism earlier this year I use songs to help him learn all his subjects. Places like the guitar center has all of your musical needs and has a very wide array of tools for your little music

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How to Encourage Your Child’s passion for Music

Music has always played a major part of my life.  As a young girl I used music to get through difficult times during my teenage years.  Today it’s a bigger part of my life because I have kids.  My love

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Back To School Appointments Your Kids Shouldn’t Miss

Breaks from school are often filled with lots of great activities and plenty of family fun. All those back-to-school purchases are often left to the last week. After all, when it comes to clothing, kids can grow out of things

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Could A New Hobby Be The Answer To Reducing Stress?

As parents, we’re under constant stress. Being a mom isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, it comes with a lot of hard work and worrying. As a mom, I know this feeling all too well. We worry about our children constantly,

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Helping Your Child Cope With A Learning Difficulty

Pic Link   It can be hard to discover that your child has a learning difficulty. Usually, this won’t become apparent until they begin their school career. At that point, you might discover that they are struggling in a certain

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