Dimes To Dollars: Simple Ways You Could Save

There’s a saying in the UK that goes ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.’ You don’t always need to save hundreds of dollars for something to be a good deal. Often, if you make small savings on a regular basis, it can make a massive difference at the end of the week, the month or the year. Here are some simple ways you could save more.


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Comparing prices

When was the last time you had a proper look at your energy bill? How long have you been with your current broadband provider? Have you had the same cell network for years? Do you automatically renew your car insurance without giving it a second thought? If you’re keen to spend less on bills each month, you could save a significant amount of money by switching providers. Competition in the marketplace often means that new customers get the best deals. If you’ve been with the same company for a long time, you may be surprised at the difference in rates for existing and new clients. As a new customer, you might be offered a lower price, as well as incentives, such as 6 months’ free movies or a new tablet with your cell phone contract, for example. It’s well worth shopping around. You may assume that it’s a hassle to compare prices from every provider out there, but there are websites that will do this for you in a matter of minutes.


Making use of coupons and codes

If you spend too much when you go to the store, or you’d like to save on shopping for clothes, toys, books or home essentials, it’s time to start collecting coupons and taking advantage of promotions and discount codes. Using websites like Coupon Sherpa, you can access a host of deals on a daily basis, which could save you a heap of money each month. If you see something you like at the mall or when you’re doing some online shopping, check for a discount code before you place an order. If you subscribe to mailing lists, you’ll get daily offers sent straight to your inbox.


Leaving the car at home

Are you guilty of driving everywhere? If so, you may be astonished to see how much money you could save in gas by leaving the car in the garage from time to time and walking or cycling from A to B. Many families spend a considerable portion of their monthly income on gas, but you don’t always have to drive everywhere. If you get into a habit of walking or taking your bike out, it’ll soon become second nature. You’ll save money, and you’ll also enjoy health benefits.  

You may think that saving a few dimes a day won’t make a huge difference to your savings pot. However, you’d be wrong. Pay more attention to the little things, and you’ll soon find that even the smallest savings play their part in helping you set more money aside and build for the future.

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